Should you worry about products with big claims?

Generally speaking, if a product claims to do something it must have a reason, such as an active ingredient that makes the results possible. We have researched to see what competitors are saying, and how or why they are saying it. Below are some points you may be interested in reading before you make a decision regarding Benefil#8482;.

Negative facts

  • Products that are in pill or capsule form claiming to increase breast size are usually speaking about phytoestrogens and how they stimulate or re-activate growth of breast tissue. Phytoestrogens have been proven to temporarily increase breast size in the same way that the hormones found in most forms of birth control do. The down side to pills is not knowing or understanding the ingredients that you’re ingesting to ensure they will not interfere with medications or cause health concerns. Another reason is that pills and capsules are less effective than topical solutions are:
    • Ingredients are diluted while going through the volatility of the digestive system
    • The active ingredients are often of low grade, thus delivering less performance
    • Must be digested and travel throughout the body before reaching the breast area
  • Products that claim they can change the size or shape of your body permanently are making false or misleading claims according to the FDA because no active ingredient has been proven to do such a thing.
  • Products that claim you will gain an extra cup size are misleading. Only surgery, which is the riskier alternative, gives a permanent change to breast size.

Positive facts

  • The skin can be dilated with topical application of caffeine because it stimulates blood flow in the localized area that it is applied. It is this stimulation of blood flow that causes increased volume, which is why you will see either caffeine or some source of caffeine in many of the anti-wrinkle or anti-cellulite products available, and why it works for increasing breast plumpness.
  • The reason the skin ages and wrinkles, and breasts become “saggy” can be attributed to the weakening of the skins collagen network. Collagen is the main protein within the skin that helps provide structure and form. When there is a lack of collagen the skins structure weakens and deteriorates. It is possible to stimulate fibroblasts which in turn produce collagen. Once the collagen network is rebuilt the skin reforms appearing more youthful and toned. The same can be said for breast tissue, which is why your breasts appear firmer.
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